Wildflower Bunch
Paper Fern & Branch
Smell the Flowers
2017 65 Roses Donation sm
Wildflowers Periwinkle
Hummingbird Sings
Sunflower Petals
Single Rose with Yellow Flowers
Sunrise & Sunset Water Birds
Chakra Stripes & Stars
Autumn Leaf Changing
Freeform Trees
Bee Still Sunflower
Balance of the Calm Blue
Wildflowers in Blue
Wildflowers in Blue cropped
Ethereal Beauty
Gift from the Sun Goddess
Mask Show 2017l
Female Coastline (diptych)
Man on Cell Phone
Asian Plum Triptych
Blue Bird on Rain Paper
Four Seasons Paper Quilt
Colorado Sunset on Water
Banana Fish Hawaii
Love Unconditional Spring Green
Autum Morning
Coffee Parfait Landscape
Chakras on grey