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Artist Statement

Art is a form of healing and spiritual transformation. I am a Mixed Media artist with a love for painting and drawing because the process calms my mind and keeps me grounded in an ever-changing world.


Lately, I rely on ink, watercolor, colored pencil, and/or acrylics to deliver my emotion in my art. I also make handmade paper artwork in both 2D and 3D forms using a non-traditional method that celebrates the preservation of trees.  My subjects are inspired by my experiences in nature, the collective consciousness, and my fascination with sacred geometry.


Indian Yellow Leaves on grey with vine


Sunflower Petals notecard


Neuro Enlightenment


Start of Spring & Aquatic Abstract stacked together

Handmade Paper


Body Casting

Crescent Moon Belly Cast
On the Cell



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— Amy V. 

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