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Artist Statement


For me, art is a form of healing and spiritual transformation. Drawing and painting calm my mind and keep me grounded in an ever-changing world. For the last three years, I have incorporated the Neurographic drawing technique into my style of artwork. It is meditation in motion and also, it’s just fun. This technique alleviates depression and anxiety, or it can create a focus on a desired goal. Glorified doodling is what it feels like, yet when drawing in this method, I witness the relief from everyday stress.  My students express their gratitude often for learning this technique.  My latest drawing series is a set of 29 yoga poses done in Neurographic style. Twelve of these works will be featured at the Zion Yoga Fest 2024.

Amy Vialpando

AEV Fine Art

Loveland, Colorado

About the Artist 

Amy E. Vialpando was born in Laramie, Wyoming in 1972.  Both of her parents are creative and their skillful hands were her first source of inspiration.


In high school, her artistic skill became recognized when she received awards at the Laramie County Art Fair. At seventeen, she was nationally recognized by Dow Chemicals as one of the top 50/1000 applicants in the Earth Day Art Exhibit. Her piece was framed by Dow Chemicals and went on tour to eight different states. In 1992, she entered the Mazda Art Car competition. She did not win the grand prize, but she did receive national recognition for placing within the top 50/1000 applicants.  She was awarded with several college art scholarships. In 1995, she graduated with a BFA from the University of Wyoming.


After college, Amy found art opportunities as a sign maker, a screen printing art director, a graphic designer for a public relations and marketing firm. She worked as a free-lance graphic designer for a variety of clients while making art on the side to sell at art exhibits and art festivals. 


Since moving to Loveland, Colorado in 2001,  Amy decided to focus her energy and resources more directly on her art. She has generated business through word of mouth and she has sold a wide range of commissions, belly casts for pregnant women, jewelry, original paintings and sculpture.  She has been active in local and national art exhibits. She currently serves on the Visual Arts Commission for the City of Loveland. 


From 2016 - 2023, she was a member of Artworks Center for Contemporary Art and she expanded her business to a studio there.  Now, she enjoys her current studio located at the Loveland Arts Centre. She is inspired by the beauty of Colorado especially the River's Edge Natural Area that is within walking distance.  She calls Loveland home mainly because of the astounding community support for the arts here in Loveland. 

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